Jason Grier (83 min mix)
NTS 05/12/15
NTS 05/12/15

Jason Grier
NTS 05/12/15
Radio Broadcast
120 minutes

Jason Grier is a producer, curator, software developer and theorist. He founded the Human Ear Music label in 2006, through which he produced albums and live events by Ariel Pink, Julia Holter, Michael Pisaro, Lucrecia Dalt, William Basinski, among others. His 2013 solo album "Unbekannte" earned praise from The Wire, Spex, De:Bug, and Die Tageszeitung, among others. He currently works on artistic research projects in the fields of sound culture, labor theory and post-migration identity, and, additionally, custom music applications and regular live performances.

This mix for SKYAPNEA features a few exclusive HEM archive recordings that, in Jason's words, "have never been available to the public before, and probably will not be again, for a long time". These iclude Julia Holter performing a cover of Brian Eno's "The Fat Lady of Limbourg" back at CalArts in 2008 and live recordings Ariel Pink and Jason Grier's collaboration as part of Spider Babies.

The thing to do is to go on a Sunday - Claire Danes, speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 26. September, 2015

Histrionic II - Yves Tumor, C-ORE, Dogfood Music Group, 2015

Speaking of Rage and Grief - Judith Butler, speaking at Cooper Union, 28. April, 2014; 2014 PEN World Voices Festival, c/o Leigha Cohen Video

1000 eyed body shining in darkness - Jelena Glazova, IFAR Musique Concrète Conceptual Sonics compilation, Institute For Alien Research, UK, 2015

Choch-Chiram Decapitates Ajjar Kadshdas, Pentatonic (spectrally encoded image, detail) - Kathi Hofer/ artisans of Emperor Akbar, Mughal Empire, Hamzanama, ca. 1570 / 2012-2015, reproduction of the original as included in the collection of MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/ Contemporary Art, digital print on paper, mounted on wood, 41 x 51cm, spectrally encoded by Jason Grier

Anabasis (throughout the mix) - Michael Pisaro, Continuum Unbound, Gravity Wave, 2014

Look at the Death of All These White People in Baltimore County - Fred Moten, from B Jenkins, reading at the Kelly Writers House, 28. Feb. 2008

Breaths - Jason Grier, Models of Artistic Labor, Model 1, Apokryphe, HEM, forthcoming

Yeah I Fucked Up Ok - Jason Grier, Models of Artistic Labor, Model 2, Apokryphe, HEM, forthcoming

2 Bath in the Black Sun - Hieroglyphic Being, So Much Noise 2 Be Heard, Mathematics, 2010

Markthalle - Walter Benjamin, source unknown, 1938

Coke White & Starlight - Mykki Blanco, C-ORE, Dogfood Music Group, 2015

Ezan (Yeni Cami, Istanbul, 2014) - Jason Grier, Antalya, HEM, forthcoming

Haunted Feelings - Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Natural Black Inventions: Root Strata, Rhino Atlantic, 1971

Kurdish Busker, (Istanbul, 2014) - Jason Grier, Antalya, HEM, forthcoming

Stereophonic - Coaxil, split w/ Sashash Ulz, Spinarec, 2013

But You Are Not in the Band - Spider Babies (Ariel Pink, Jason Grier, Trip E. Waterhouse, Nicolas Amato, Janet Kim, Sara Galaxia, Paul Gellman), live in Los Angeles, 2009, HEM Archiv

Rule Number 2 - Spider Babies (same credits as above)

Statements on Original Recordings - Julia Holter and Jason Grier, computer voice, 2008, HEM Archiv

It Never Drops - 1127, Non Worldwide Compilation, Volume 1, NON Records, 2015

For Mike Kelley (snare drum and high-pressure bass waves) - Jason Grier, Apokryphe, HEM, forthcoming

Stateless - Coaxil, S/T, Nostress Netlabel, 2012

The Fat Lady of Limbourg - Julia Holter (orig. Brian Eno), live at CalArts Broad Studios, 2008, HEM Archiv

Funereal Morality - Helena Hauff, Discreet Desires, Ninja Tune/ Werkdiscs, 2015

The Culture of the Self - Michel Foucault, speaking at UC Berkeley, 1983

Variations - Hanne Lippard from Nuances of No, Broken Dimanche Press, recorded at one Million Mangos Berlin, unreleased, HEM Archiv

Hreams' Dream - N-prolenta, Non Worldwide Compilation, Volume 1, NON Records, 2015

Choch-Chiram Decapitates Ajjar Kadshdas, Chromatic (same credits as above)

Death & Company (Masturbating a Glitter) - Jelena Glazova, Red Material (Plath processed), Bandcamp, 2013

TV to the Radio - Lil B, Dior Paint, BasedWorld Records, 2010

For Anneq Chamiarytskaya (distressed/ found vinyl, Divine Liturgy, Russia, ca. 1960) - Jason Grier, Apokryphe, HEM, forthcoming

For Gary Schultz (distressed/ found vinyl, orig. Erik Satie, Mass for the Poor ca. 1960) - Jason Grier, Apokryphe, HEM, forthcoming

Unutmadim Seni Ben - Zeki Muren, Dunden Bugune Compilation #4 (re-issue), 1991