Juniper Foam (2 hr mix)
NTS 23/05/15
NTS 23/05/15

Juniper Foam (Care Of Editions)
NTS 23/05/15
Radio Broadcast
120 minutes

For the 15th installment of our series of NTS broadcasts we asked our friends at Care Of Editions to take over. Under his Juniper Foam moniker, label head Gary Schultz assembled a mix in two parts that juxtaposes an eclectic selection of music with a 55-minute section of Michael Pisaro's score "Four Messages", realized by Gary Schultz and Sepand Shehab on turntables.

A few words by Gary about Four Messages:

"The score is written for two similar but unspecified sounds. Michael made a grid based on 10-second intervals and randomly determined which of the two sounds would play during any given interval. If a sound carries over for more than one interval, it gives a small accent to the beginning of each 10 seconds. There are four sections, each 55 minutes long. In section one, only sound A plays, and there are silences between each iteration. In section two, the inverse is true: only sound B plays. In section three, both play, so together they make one sustained sound. In section four, both sounds are silent for 55 minutes. Our realization consisted in choosing and performing the sounds. These were two turntables playing on rubber slipmats with a little resonance turned up on the sweet spot."

And about the mix:

"Even though it's much more flowing by contrast, the first part of the mix paves the way for part two, so by the time it cuts to Four Messages, that sound world might feel less distant, if not familiar. It holds to the same structure, although loosely: there are moments throughout where the grid can be heard in the midst of a song, and in general, a vaguely anthropological collection of music, full of vocals and structures that are somehow human-feeling, gives way to background textures and processed sounds. Part one shares the same duration as part two, hinting at the underlying structure of Four Messages, rather than one version or another."

Photo by Seth Lower.