Music For Film Special
Music For Film Special
Music For Film Special

Music For Film Special
Radio Broadcast
120 minutes

Music for film, mixed by Giovanni Civitenga.

Soundtracks selected with the assistance of Toni de Martino.

Pete's Boogie (Ereserhead) - David Lynch & Alan R. Splet
Tape 3 - The Doctor (Snowtown) - Jed Kurzel
AUN40 (AUN) - Fennesz
Heat (Heat) - Elliot Goldenthal
Dopo L'Intervista - Take 2 (Verushka) - Ennio Morricone
Monkey Chant (Blood Simple) - Carter Burwell
Gekkoh (Babel) - Susumu Yakota
Perihelion (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ) - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
The Last Man (The Fountain) - Clint Mansell
Drift (Apollo) - Brian Eno
The Corsetto Flames - (Caravaggio 1610) - Simon Fisher Turner
Geremia Spara (L'amico di Famiglia) - Theo Teardo
Prophesies (Tragedy of Macbeth) - Third Ear Band
This City Is Hell (Tekkonkinkreet) - Plaid
Dopo L'Intervista (Verushka) - Ennio Morricone
AUN80 (AUN) - Fennesz
No More Questions (The Conversation) - David Shire
13 Untitled (Solaris) - Eduard Artemiev
Only Love Can Conquer Hate (Babel) - Ryuichi Sakamoto
Aguirre I - L'acrime Di Rei (Aguirre) - Popol Vuh
The Abruzzi Humdrum (Caravaggio 1610) - Simon Fisher Turner
Drift (Under The Skin) - Mica Levi
Under The Midnight Sun (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
The Hourglass - (Caravaggio 1610) - Simon Fisher Turner
Signals (Apollo) - Brian Eno
Just Business (Raising Arizona) - Carter Burwell
Fatty and Skinny (The Way It Is) - Vincent Gallo
Black and White Houses (The Guga Divers of Ness) - Dead Rat Orchestra
Tape 2 (Snowtown) - Jed Kurzel
Goodbye (Lost in Translation) - Kevin Shields
Sðasta Ferð (Hlemmur) - Sigur Ros
A Wet Cleaner (Buffalo 66) - Vincent Gallo
Arboria Tapes - Award Winning Gardens (Beyond the Black Rainbow) - Sinoia Caves
Microchip (Koyaanisqatsi) - Philp Glass
Moon Trills (Bodysong) - Jonny Greenwood
Go Get Some (Mulholland Drive) - Angelo Badalamenti