Oliver Coates / Laurie Tompkins / One For Ghost

Oliver Coates / Laurie Tompkins / One For Ghost
West Germany, Berlin

Presented in collaboration by Care Of Editions & Skyapnea Records.

Oliver Coates

Oliver Coates is a cellist, composer and producer working across a wide array of musical and artistic fields. He plays in a live ensemble with Jonny Greenwood and LCO, records with Mica Levi (Under the Skin, Chopped & Screwed, an upcoming record for distorted cello and CDJ's) and is currently working on a new recording and live project with the producer Actress. His reworking of Boards of Canada with Mira Calix was released on Warp and he is currently composing a large-scale theatre work for Ragazze String Quartet to tour in Scotland and the Netherlands. In 2015 he gave his first solo cello shows in Egypt, Australia and Hong Kong, and became a writer with Domino publishing. Oliver composed the soundtrack to Lawrence Lek's dystopian video installation "Unreal Estate", which won the 2015 Dazed x Converse Award and is released in December on SLIP imprint.

This performance constitutes a solo set for cello, curved bow and electronics incorporating music from the solo album "Towards the blessed islands" and is also in part a collaboration with leading UK composer Lawrence Tompkins - head honcho of SLIP imprint - presenting a new array of cello and keyboard music with a unflinching approach to instrumental rhythm inspired by footwork patterns.

Laurie Tompkins

Laurie Tompkins writes playful, erratic music for instruments and electronics from bases in Berlin and the UK. Last year, he initiated and wrote for the UK tour Handy, where he reimagined hillbilly banjo music with guitarist David Bainbridge from within a portable, battery-powered light installation. He also had commissions performed at the LSO Soundhub scheme in London, at the ddmmyy series in Manchester, and was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and Resonance FM.
Laurie also co-directs publishing imprint Slip with Tom Rose, whose recent releases include work from Aaron Parker, Andreas Dzialocha, Chaines, Otto Willberg, Oliver Coates & Lawrence Lek. Incoming endeavours include sizeable collaborations with cellist Oliver Coates, visual artist Dori Deng, and ensemble The House Of Bedlam.

One For Ghost

One For Ghost is the collaboration between Giovanni Civitenga (electronics) and Doreen Ooi (viola & objects). The two Berlin based artists started collaborating on the idea of a hybrid between installation and performance based on site specific sound cycles and formed OFG to further explore the concept of soundscapes created live and left to live a life of their own. Their work is documented in the cassette "Archives Vol.01", the first release on Skyapnea Records and two radio broadcasts for NTS.


Presented in collaboration by Care Of Editions and Skyapnea Records, this ongoing concert series aims to cultivate a dialogue between the popular and the experimental and to promote the effects of an era in which the most contemporary forms are arguably derivative (i.e mixes, remixes, playlists and shuffle), yet uniquely capable of supporting new insights and practices along the lines of curatorial authorship, exotica, ethnographic recording, field and field-like recording, the porousness of musical communities, and the breakdown of genres and lineages.
Event image by Seth Lower.