Mydwem / Jason Grier

Mydwem / Jason Grier
West Germany, Berlin.

Presented in collaboration by Care Of Editions & Skyapnea Records.


Mydwem is the newly-minted moniker of Berlin-based Italian producer Giovanni Civitenga. Having previously graced adventurous imprints from Daedelus' Magical Properties to FlyLo's Brainfeeder as My Dry Wet Mess, Civitenga's condensed pseudonym reflects a refreshed clarity and purpose in his work akin to last year's club-ready 12-inch for London's Fine Grains. His new sumptuous full-length "Heart Failure" comes out on Gio's own SKYAPNEA imprint on October 2nd.

Jason Grier

Jason Grier is a producer, curator, software developer and theorist. He founded the "Human Ear Music" label in 2006, through which he produced albums and live events by Ariel Pink, Julia Holter, Michael Pisaro, Lucrecia Dalt, William Basinski, among others. His 2013 solo album "Unbekannte" earned praise from The Wire, Spex, De:Bug, and Die Tageszeitung, among others. He currently works on artistic research projects in the fields of sound culture, labor theory and post-migration identity, and, additionally, custom music applications and regular live performances.


Presented in collaboration by Care Of Editions and Skyapnea Records, this ongoing concert series aims to cultivate a dialogue between the popular and the experimental and to promote the effects of an era in which the most contemporary forms are arguably derivative (i.e mixes, remixes, playlists and shuffle), yet uniquely capable of supporting new insights and practices along the lines of curatorial authorship, exotica, ethnographic recording, field and field-like recording, the porousness of musical communities, and the breakdown of genres and lineages.